As intimate as it gets...
Mikill Pane (Credit: Above Ground)

Hackney native Mikill Pane has never been one to forget his roots.

Sure, he might get shout outs everywhere from Mac Miller to Ed Sheeran, but - at heart - he's an ordinary Londoner.

So when Brapp decided to shoot a live session with the rapper, they knew exactly where to set it. Seated in the back of a black cab rushing through Trafalgar Square, Mikill Pane spits directly into the camera - raw, intimate, and as real as it gets.

Part of Brapp's recent expansion - they're launching a full label to run alongside their YouTube channel - the project clearly struck a chord with Mikill:

"Launching a record label as well to release these recordings is brilliant – I think this is something music platforms should have been doing years ago as live freestyles and live versions of tracks are popular in the rap community and will do well on streaming services. It will be a huge opportunity for emerging artists who can utilise this infrastructure, but at a fair price, I think it could change the game forever.”

Check it out below.

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