Directed by Dave Grohl...
Crooked Steps

Dave Grohl is no stranger to finding comedic value in the most unlikely of places. You only have to cast your mind back to the videos for hit tracks 'Everlong' and 'Long Road to Ruin' to see how he and the rest of the Foo Fighters clan often used music videos as a comedic outlet, even if laughter and joviality were far from what the songs inspired.

When Soundgarden announced that Grohl was set to direct the video for their recently released single ‘By Crooked Steps’, high jinx and humour seemed a more than unlikely fit for the heavy, hard-rock track. In a behind the scenes interview, Grohl explained that this was in fact exactly what inspired him: "I had an idea. I got a copy of the record and the third song was a signature, instantly recognizable Soundgarden track".

Grohl has the band poke fun of their rock image by taking to the streets of LA, leather-clad and on segways to wage war on the less than impressive Dj scene that appears to have taken over. Although the video is little more than farcical, it does shine a spot light on the band’s recent whirlwind success ever since their decision to reform two years ago.

Watch it now.

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'By Crooked Steps' is the third single to be released from Soundgarden’s 2012 album King Animal, their first album in over fifteen years which has received huge acclaim and rave reviews. The first single from the album ‘Been Away too Long’ topped the Active Rock Charts in the US for five whole weeks.

Soundgarden are also on a sold-out winter tour to promote the album and reunite with fans after their fifteen year hiatus. After finding the time to perform at Obama’s inauguration earlier this month, the band are also preparing to headline MMR-BQ as well as perform at Rock on the Range this summer.

Words by Lucy Simmonds


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