A snarling, intense statement from the Hull group...

Hull, eh... City Of Culture!

But Vulgarians know that the finest culture Hull contains is contained in grotty rehearsal rooms, a series of new groups making music eyeball-to-eyeball.

The band's intense post-punk statement 'Almost Instinct, Almost True' arrived earlier this year, produced by MJ of Hookworms.

Quickly selling out, Witchgirl Recordings have stepped in to supply an extremely limited cassette run for those who missed out.

Out shortly - order your copy HERE - Vulgarians have shot a full music video for opening track 'Of Humdrum Consumption'.

They explain: "'Of Humdrum Consumption' is a pretty sprawling and chaotic song, so we thought it'd be cool to go at the video from a different angle. We conceived the idea of having a video using archive footage of dreary, day-to-day, 50’s life, encapsulated within the utopian 'American Dream', juxtaposing the song's feeling; yet tying in with lyrics and meaning of the song. We think our friend Mike Connolly has really nailed that with this video."

Watch it now.

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