A striking new video...
Tom Hickox (Credit: Christopher Maas)

The work of Tom Hickox utilises some complex machinery.

Musically diverse with striking lyrical depth, debut album ‘War, Peace, And Diplomacy’ was a vivid document of extreme originality.

Follow up ‘Monsters In The Deep’ arrives on March 31st (pre-order LINK), and it finds the songwriter channelling some of the dystopian, apocalyptic vibes that have beset Western politics over the past 12 months.

A huge leap forward, the record is fuelled by anger, disgust, and also a sense of love, a sense that things could – should – get better.

Clash is able to premiere the video for new cut 'The Fanfare', and it's an emphatic starting point for anyone wishing to explore his world.

Tune in now.

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