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Thieves Like Us

Lingering somewhere between Sweden and the United States, pop and the cosmos, Thieves Like Us occupy a realm of their own making.

Named after a New Order song, Thieves Like Us are set to release their long awaited new album next month, ending a wait for new material.

New cut 'Moon' airs via Clash, and we're lucky enough to be able to premiere the full, evocative visuals for the track.

Andy Grier explains: "When Thieves Like Us began, we were often too busy recording, or touring to shoot our own videos. Calm moments were few and far between and when they did occur, we were either not in the same city, or didn't have a proper budget to film a music video up to our standards. While we could have opted to shoot on digital film, we are huge cineophiles and we were certain we would compromise our aesthetic in making a "real" music video. We felt it best to re-edit cult movies. The images matched our music, and, it was fast and affordable."

The video for 'Moon' takes aim at the patriarchy - a fiery return, you can check it out below.

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