A striking return from the Dutch artist...

Tessa Rose Jackson had reached an impasse.

Sure, the Dutch songwriter had released a successful debut album, but she felt it didn't quite represent who she was, didn't quite cover her passions and interests.

So she changed. Retreating within herself, she became Someone - a blank slate, an area she could use to inspire and provoke.

Tessa explains: "I wanted a name that meant: Don’t worry about who I am. Just check out what I make. I make a lot. Some you may like, some you may not. But I’ll like it. And you know what, I’m someone too."

New single 'The Deep' is out now, and it's a psych-pop ear-worm driven by lucid Mellotron and crunching guitar riffs. The visuals explore time travel and its consequences in a tripped yet heart-warming fashion.

Completely addictive, you can check it out below.

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