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Lorne knows how to pluck your heartstrings.

The Berkshire songwriter aims straight for the heart, hitting the soul along the way.

His debut EP is incoming, and it marks the arrival of an assured talent, someone who could evolve into something special.

Languid but affecting acoustic songcraft, new cut 'Bread Alone' airs on Clash and we're extremely pleased to be able to showcase the full video.

Lorne explains: "'Bread Alone' was inspired by the biblical phrase 'man shall not live on bread alone'. It's an introspective song I wrote about a number of different hopes and fears. I found a short film called 'The Quiet Time' by film director Gonçalo Almeida and that was the main inspiration for the video. Gonçalo and I decided to film at night and use street lighting to capture the right atmosphere for the song. The video is essentially a dream bookended by a shot of me sleeping and the shots of Elsa dancing are a part of that dream."

Director Gonçalo Almeida has stepped in to steer the visuals, a beautifully composed video that deftly expands on the subtleties of the songwriting. He explains:

"The idea behind the video for 'Bread Alone' was to not make something that looks like a music video. I myself don´t normally watch music videos. I don´t like how sharp they are and how similar they look. I wanted to make a film that if, by accident, you watch without sound, you wouldn't tell immediately that you were watching a music video."

"The song spoke to me about a departure and a decision concerning that. I thought about the times that I dream about going somewhere else but the road is empty and endless and I end up in the place where I started. We shot at night with available street lights and we embraced certain aspects of photography that you would normally disregard."

Check it out now.

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