A surreal beauty pageant with a twist...
Grace Lightman

It's not often that Clash will come across a track with an entirely suitable name, but Grace Lightman's 'Faultless' is definitely an example.

Out now, the blissful synths flutter past a vocal as evocative as it is mysterious. Multi-layered songwriting, the cinematic sheen of Grace Lightman's work leaves behind a strange feeling, long after it dissipates.

Clash is able to premiere the accompanying visuals, directed by the singer's brother Alex Lightman.

Grace Lightman explains:

'Faultless' displays a beauty pageant in an eerie Lynchian world, where I am an apparition controlling the contestants. It's all about the bittersweet meaning of perfection and what it means to be Faultless. The contestants are at first complying to the standards of 'pageant perfection' to the best of their ability, mirroring the songs tight production and pop structure. By the end as the song comes to a climax, the apparition has set the contestants free as they have been driven to act out their inner need to take down the competition and chaos ensues.

I want to leave the viewers interpretation of what it means to be 'Faultless' up to them, but it's definitely a comment on how the strive for perfection can drive you to madness.

I made the video with my brother Alex Lightman (director of cannibal coming of age film 'Tear Me Apart'), I came up with the treament/concept and he directed it. We pulled in every favour you could possibly imagine to make this video.

- - -

Catch Grace Lightman at the following shows:

29 Birmingham Hare & Hounds (w/BC Camplight)
30 London The Lexington (w/ BC Camplight)
31 Bristol The Louisiana (w/BC Camplight)

19 London Servant Jazz Quarters

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