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Our appetites were somewhat whetted when Oasis revealed the tracklisting to their new album 'Dig Out Your Soul'.

The release of its first single should be enough to send most Oasis fans into daily bouts of profuse sweating. 'The Shock Of Lightning', is scheduled to be released on September 29th, and for the more dedicated followers, we recommend dark tee shirts and small, cooling fans.

In Noels eyes, 'Soul' is the active word of the new album, "I wanted to write music that had a groove. I wanted a sound that was more hypnotic... Songs that you would maybe have to connect to - to feel". The forthcoming single reverberates the new direction.

The trademark guitar intro makes the track instantly recognisable however the sheer energy and immediacy of the record mark the beginnings of a new sound. Noel explains, "It was written dead fast. And recorded dead fast. 'The Shock Of Lightning' basically is the demo' And it has retained its energy. The first time you record something is always the best". A risque approach for most bands, but for the anthemic Mancunians it is a perfect chance for the us to hear the lads in their purest form.

'The Shock Of Lightning' is a raw and feisty Oasis, with a big bag of brass balls en-route. The proverbial bag of balls, 'Dig Out Your Soul', follows the single release on October 6th.


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