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Holy '57

London composer Alex Mankoo has always been intriguing by identity.

Growing up in one of Europe's most mixed cities, the musician himself has Greek and Indian heritage, while definitely considering himself a Londoner.

Channelling his ideas into new project Holy '57, he is able to use music as a means to bringing disparate elements together.

New cut 'Water / Chrome' muses on this, on the manner in which modern identities shift, are broken down, and built up once more.

He explains: “I like the idea that when water and chrome come together, they create something dazzling and beautiful when the light hits. And I thought it was nice to think about that being possible for me too, that my mixed race heritage can be something beautiful and something unique in and of itself rather than this constant balancing act of not knowing where I fit.”

Check out the video below.

Catch Holy '57 at London's Camden Assembly on August 3rd.

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