Hear tracks from 'Future Chaos'

On the twenty first anniversary of the release of Bomb The Bass' seminal dance single 'Beat Dis', Clash is delighted to announce that we will be exclusively streaming the majority BTB's fervently awaited new album, 'Future Chaos' a full month before its official release.

When Beat Dis was originally put out in '87, it was the tune to define an era of sampling, acid house and DJing style. It was such a groundbreaking junction in smapling culture that Tim Simenon, the man behind Bomb The Bass, became the back-in-the-day equivalent of today's major producers Ronson and Timbaland. As he continued to blaze trails with Bomb The Bass classics 'Bug Powder Dust' and the trip-hop blue print 'Winter in July', he became the go-to guy for the Midas touch and by request co-produced for 90s pop royalty Neneh Cherry and Seal.

When asked whether we can expect a new style in his music to the likes of 'Best Dis', Simenon explained, "Definitely, because music as a whole has changed drastically since then. These days I think you're bombarded a bit too much by technology so you can try different things for ever and ever. With 'Future Chaos' I'm going back to the days when all I had was a Yamaha keyboard and a drum machine in my bedroom. I'm just seeing what you can do with these instruments. 90% of the album was made with just a Minimoog synthesiser and a drum machine. So it's not groundbreaking like 'Beat Dis' was in the way it brought sampling in, but it's taking it back to the musical roots and rediscovering what you can do with the instruments".

Tickling tweeters and pushing the limits of low-end, 'Future Chaos' hovers

confidently on the cusp between futurism and vintage. Armed with his trusty Minimoog, Simenon aims to claim inventiveness back from the technology that has taken over dance music, and push boundaries by stretching his instruments to their limits.

For original fans of Bomb The Bass this album serves as an conclusion to a ten year wait that it's been in production. Simenon demonstrates the sacrifices he had to make an order to get it finished by the fact he had to move abroad to get it done. "I'd neglected Bomb The Bass for so many years that I moved to Holland. I had to give myself more head space in order to find myself and get more of my own life back. Bomb The Bass has always been about collaborating with people in the middle of the records but it starts and finishes with me so I had to get away to really concentrate on it".

Bomb The Bass will be playing live Future Chaos and a selection of his classics at Proud Galleries in early November but if you can't wait that long you can stream brand spankers from the new album below.


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