Local Action signing...

Local Action is on fire right now.

A stream of vital releases and sweat-box parties have pushed the label to the fore, with their output spanning all genres from Grime to House and back again. Artifact is a case in point - hooking up with the label, we're not entirely sure where to place the producer.

Based in Bristol, Artifact's perfectionist approach to sound, his love of bass weight is steeped in the city's soundsystem culture. Yet there's a devotion to house, to a spring-loaded sense of rhythm which sits outside the world of dreadnought drops.

New 12 inch 'Worn' drops on Monday (October 8th) and comes equipped with some savage bonus cuts. 'Drain' has grabbed out attention - all swamp-like bass with kicks 'n' snares to lift the party, it's submerged House for fiends who want to feel the sound dripping across their body.

Local Action have kindly handed us the video, check out 'Drain' below.


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