Sweet dreams are made of this…
'Sweet Dreamer'

On first listen to ‘Sweet Dreamer’ it quickly becomes apparent that Will Joseph Cook has many strings to his musical bow. The singer presents a record filled to the brim with songs embodying unashamed pop in its purest form while weaving indie, electronic and acoustic endeavours throughout.

Despite only just reaching the end of his teenage years, the musician has been releasing material for a while now, and has evolved into a fully-fledged 21st century pop star in the process. This is evidenced in opener and ode to adoration ‘Biggest Fan’ with the line: “Got your picture on my phone, got tickets to your show” nestled against a grooving bassline.

Undoubtedly one of the album’s strongest moments, ‘Treat Me Like A Lover’ is a pulsing power pop anthem. On an LP full of gems this track certainly shines the brightest. ‘Plastic’ glides into the tracklist seamlessly dripping with tropical-esque percussion with Will aching: “Sick of going so sycophantic / Hide it now and bite down on the plastic cup.”

‘Alive’ showcases guitars strung with indie prowess and euphoric synths while ‘Hands’ allows the singer’s impressive falsetto to shine through leading into a dreamy, mythical instrumental ending. Grittier in terms of lyrical content, ‘For Thursday’ blends tempos while reimagining the sounds of 2006 indie pop in a way that doesn’t make you feel the need to squeeze into a pair of white skinny jeans. Acoustic crooning ballad ‘Waters Gone Cold’ possesses the simplest sonic layout on the record and is a delicate and solemn note to end things on.

Will Joseph Cook’s knack for infectious melodies is at the forefront of ‘Sweet Dreamer’, and this paired with the diverse range of genre tinges weaved into the LP acts as a sonic show reel of all the things that the singer can accomplish, turning sweet dreams into a tangible reality.


Words: Shannon Cotton

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