One of the best means of getting you through passport control come the summer...
'House Masters: Junior Jack'

My word that’s a lot of bangers you’ve got there Junior Jack, with the 2003 album ‘Trust It’ at the heart of the Italian’s ‘House Masters’ chronicle of original productions and remixes. Ready to lay on the suntan lotion thick, there’s ‘Stupidisco’, the sassy singalong helped in no small part by its ‘Fight Club’/foxy boxing video; the sleek French touch electro of ‘Da Hype’; and ‘Thrill Me’ and ‘E Samba’, both pushing JJ’s signature of snake-hipped beats and elastic bassline boomerangs that poolside parties are powerless to ignore.

Add in another certified classic in disco queen ‘My Feeling’ tapping into filter house stardust (and conversely roughing it up — see ‘Give It Up’ borrowing and bruising Alan Braxe), remixing Kluster’s ‘My Love’ to become a running partner of Bob Sinclar’s ‘I Feel for You’ (same goes for ‘See You Dancin’ succeeding Pete Heller’s ‘Big Love’), and the fact he was boosting deodorant sales across the land and pre-empting the internet meme as Room 5, and it’s easy to see why Jack is up there as one of the best means of getting you through passport control come the summer.

The remaining scores of Latin, funky house and handbag glam under a host of pen names spanning way back (‘Just Deep’, taken from 1994 with familiar bassline aplomb), get the job done: 30 tracks that are all about putting parasols in your pink champagne cocktail. A respectable swig of speed garage (the remix of CB Milton’s ‘Get into My Life’), diva-lead exultations (Jocleyn Brown’s ‘Hold Me Up’, Fayleine Brown’s ‘Joy’, a bread and butter mix of ATFC’s ‘Sleep Talk’) and pretty much sticking to a bright and breezy approach (‘The Phonk’ is another filter house flyer), excel in making club standards full of flair and energy. Two tracks utilising the old ‘House that Jack Built’ monologue prove further unafraid to make his methods even more tried and tested.

With Jack’s discography appearing pretty dry of late, there’s no better time to revisit a bunch of tunes made to top up your feelgood factor.


Words: Matt Oliver

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