Nantes house DJ turns it up to eleven...

Despite his famous and thrilling pop culture mash up video being nearly four years (not to mention 28 million views) old, 'Adventure' is the first full-length album from DJ Hugo Leclercq, better known as Madeon.

As that video and subsequent EPs and singles have proved, he has an incredible ear for a catchy hook, and that magpie tendency continues into 'Adventure'. With more of a pop nous than many of his house contemporaries, it's no surprise to find regular chart dwellers Dan Smith of Bastille and Charli XCX amongst the credits.

To begin with, Adventure is a breath of fresh air. The implausibly fresh-faced Frenchman goes for maximalism as he throws day-glo synths, cut-and-paste vocals, huge drops, and tub-thumping drums into the mix.

You'll want to live in Madeon's world, too, but as 'Adventure' progresses the constant energy begins to become wearing, as if he's on a Red Bull drip while we're just drinking plain old water. In fact, by the end, listening to 'Adventure' is like being held hostage by a madman who, despite everyone wanting to go home, just refuses to let the party die.

Much of this isn't Madeon's fault. His music is all about instant gratification, and the transformation of the humdrum into the extraordinary. The high-energy songs work best when played after other people's, just so he can blow them away.

Playing a dozen Madeon tracks consecutively is almost perverse – the album format simply doesn't suit him. Perhaps that's why it's taken him so long to release one.


Words: Joe Rivers

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