A mixed return from the Basque phenomenon...
'Everything Is My Family'

Three albums in and now is the time that Crystal Fighters are giving us more of everything they have. More dancing, more psychedelic tones and much more rave, only this time it’s not in the cave, it’s in the sunshine. ‘Everything Is My Family’ has a beautiful sentiment behind it, in true Crystal Fighters spirit, they celebrate life, love and family and that is apparent throughout the new release.

The record is one big party, with tracks like ‘All Night’ being the most popular by far. However this could be because this track sounds the most like their previous work, the rest is quite unrecognisable. A new diverse LP was definitely in order for the Fighters but this could be a little too diverse from the sound they created in ‘Star Of Love’ and ‘Cave Rave’.

‘In Your Arms’ takes us even further away from the originality of Crystal Fighters and diverts to a dance track suitable for the mainstream charts. Although very well produced and a great dance anthem, it just doesn’t have the unique sound that is expected from the band.

The album is lacking the spirit and tropical sounds that Crystal Fighters fans are used to hearing, but they still know how to bring the party to any season of the year. It may be an October release but it certainly takes you to a beach in Mexico during the eleven track LP. There is no doubting that ‘Everything Is My Family’ will lift the roof off of any venue is it played in and glitter will smother the souls of everyone within a 10 mile radius, but there was definitely room for a little more of the original Crystal Fighters sound.


Words: Georgia Ivey

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