Dream-like, bleached out Yacht rock from Manchester...
Ménage à Trois

The phrase ‘life is but a dream’ sums up the mantra for aptly named Ménage à Trois perfectly. Add some glittering synth pop, wispy idillic vocals, and an air of ‘c’est la vie’ and you are halfway to identifying the trio’s new concoction ‘Australia, Pt. 3’. After meeting by chance one night in a karaoke bar in Manchester’s Gay Village, the trio found each other after hearing Jonathon (vocals) performing a Elton John classic… and the rest is Herstory.

The chemistry between the three is evident, and it is the love story you would expect to come from meeting in Gay Village. “It was love at first sight, but like all great relationships, we built each others trust by shopping for cute outfits, getting fucked up and being there for each other no matter what.” With lyrics such as “punch me in the face and we’ll dance all night” you know from the get go that the boys don’t take themselves too seriously. Listen to them answering questions and that fact is backed up further. When asked to describe their sound, Craig (instruments) gave “like flying to rehab in Mexico and an old swedgey nightclub owner sat next to you on the plane asking you the same question whilst blacking out on sleeping pills and champagne”, which (while oddly poetic) really only makes sense if you believe it to.

When asked to list some musical inspirations everyone between George Michael to expert cellist Arthur Russell cropped up, and it is all relevant. Their sound is a fusion of tripping on acid at Club Tropicana while a percussion band devised of fairies aids rhythms for Romy Madley Croft to oscillate and whisper along to. Discussing some of the themes to ‘Australia, Pt. 3’, all lyrics come directly from Jonathon’s experiences in and out of love. “They are never written down… they just come out in jam sessions and sometimes the perfect words and feelings meet, and it’s just right. ‘Homecoming’ captures the bittersweet story of summer love that becomes physically separated by the Atlantic Ocean. It’s almost been two years and it’s still fresh. ‘All Night Long’ is a love hangover after frozen margaritas and sex with no one in particular and then the next day, you think about that one person you always think about.”

While their new album is near perfect, it’s a mere experiment of lucid panpipes and silky vocals that continue to evolve into the ether. “To be honest, our direction is unknown, but as we grow and experience separately and together, energy is naturally building. Sometimes it feels empty and other times it’s everything. But it is true and real and loved.”

When talking greatest achievements, Jonathon offered traveling and playing in Argentina last year in front of the boy who the majority of the lyrics are about… And his new boyfriend. “Our new album is our greatest achievement so far, we worked on getting the tracks together for around a year and were really looking forward to the fans finally being able to hear them and to see where how they do once we send them out into the ‘world’. And as for the year to come? “We want to play at Loud & Proud festival. We want Paris Hilton to star in our next video. And custom Y Project outfits.”

We want that too guys.

Where: Manchester
What: Sultry yet brutally innocent synth dream pop with added glitter...

Get Three Songs: ‘South Seas’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘All Night Long’

Fun Fact: “Once Craig nearly died and we saved him with Nesquick.” No explanation.

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Words: Laura Copley


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