From the latest hip-hop to nostalgic nü metal, we've got a playlist for you...

We're always looking for new ways to share music with our readers, and now we're entering the streaming game as official curators on Apple Music.

To celebrate the release of Issue 103, we've curated eight playlists on the platform, which span everything from the freshest new hip-hop tracks to nostalic nü metal cuts.

Some of the playlists directly tie in with features from the issue, so you can just press play and listen as you peruse our pages, whereas others will be updated weekly to keep you on the cutting edge.

To subscribe to any of our playlists, search for 'Clash Magazine' on iTunes or in your Music app on iOS or go to

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Issue 103 Playlist

These are the tracks we recommend listening to whilst browsing our latest issue.

Each selection coincides with one of the very varied stories that you'll find in our latest issue, so expect to hear everything from cover star Ed Sheeran's chart-topping 'Shape Of You' to Next Wave-featured Abra Cadabra's road rap banger 'Robbery (Remix)'...

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Essential 10

Every issue our contributors are faced with the task of picking a single song to recommend at the front of our magazine.

After many a sleepless night, each member of the team makes their decision and our 'Essential 10' is created.

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Next Wave

Our picks from the rising stars that we can't stop listening to.

New music from the Next Wave alumni that have graced our pages in print and online.

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A round up of the best in new hip-hop, R&B and grime, with the odd classic sprinkled in there for good measure.

This playlist will be updated weekly, so be sure to save to your device and keep revisiting!

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Deep Cuts

Digging into the records that we've been reviewing and selecting the album cuts that shouldn't be slept on!

This will be updated as we review new music, so keep checking back for new additions.

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Inspired: Brad Elterman

To coincide with our feature on legendary rock 'n' roll photographer Brad Elterman, we've curated a soundtrack of the music that soundtracks his iconic work....

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CLASH Fashion: Sympathy For The Parents

A playlist of Nü Metal curated by CLASH's fashion team as an accompaniment for Issue 103's 'Sympathy For The Parents' feature.

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Spotlight '97

Take yourself back 20 years with some of our favourite tracks from 1997.

Expect music from Radiohead, Bjork, The Notorious B.I.G, Elliott Smith, The Chemical Brothers, Blur, Daft Punk, and more.

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