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Wavves has announced plans for a new album by blasting former label Warner Bros. Records.

Nathan Williams are snapped up by a major label almost a decade ago, but quickly found the relationship was not what he expected.

Now freed from the shackles of the deal, Wavves are busy prepping new material - and lashing out at their former base.

In a new press release, Nathan Williams states: "I’d never come in contact with such a poorly run company in my life. It was anarchy. Nobody knew what they were doing. Turnover rate was like an American Apparel. It was really all cons—unless you’re a cash cow. For everyone else, major labels can’t help you. Maybe at one time they could, but that time is dead."

Now focusing on his own Ghost Ramp imprint, Wavves will release new album 'You're Welcome' arrives on May 19th.

Check out two brand new tracks below...

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