Glasgow producer introduces new album 'Human'...
Turtle (Credit: Sophie Harris)

The music of Turtle seems to conjure intense yet unique atmospheres.

The Glasgow producer released two EPs in 2014 and 2015, two collections of dark electronic hymns that freely played by their own rules.

Loosely techno in its more muscular sense, each track seemed to come smothered in darkness, shrouded in twilight.

New album 'Human' is incoming, and it was born from a period of darkness in the Scottish artist's life.

Making the record was a cathartic experience, as he freely admits: “Through my music, I found the way to let the light in...”

Clash is able to share new cut 'Calculate', with the murky echoes of those metallic melodies sitting against powerfully complex percussion.

Vocals fade into the background, with Turtle conjuring a sense of the eerie with only a few disparate sounds.

Tune in now.

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