BNQT is a project founded on co-operation.

Conceived and led by Eric Pulido of Midlake, the project's debut album - out now on Bella Union - features a plethora of guests, collaborations, and passers by.

Somehow, it all works. Fusing together into an immaculate whole, BNQT managed to turn their differences into points of unit.

'Retstart' was a real highlight, and it has now been given the video treatment by ARTLAB3000. Set in Denton, Texas, it's a real trip - as the directors explain...

"The original inspiration and idea for the video evolved from a man seeing events of his life unfold before him in the windows of a building. We took that idea and transposed it to Denton,Texas! The concept then morphed into a man entering into a strange and surreal, self realization experience which upon return gives him hope for a restart to his day/life." "In short it's one part crazy idea, one part dream recollection and one part collaborative mash up! Enjoy!"

BNQT were suitably impressed. Dazzled, the band offered Clash the following words: "I think we could all use a restart but what would that mean?"

"In the video, our central character stands at the start of a sequence of a strange and surreal journey. He is in need of a restart to his life. In a dream state he experiences a wise old shaman figure who transports him to his hometown of Denton, Texas (and in particular the old Fry St and Hickory area of town. )where as an unwieldy confused giant he sees the events of his life unfold through the windows of the buildings in which they took place."

"Seeing his life from a different perspective he recollects to the point of origin of the video, the same moment in time, but with a vision of a renewed hope for a new start. But what will he really do!"

Tune in now.

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