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The Manor

The Manor know that to get by, you have to use any means at your disposal.

A trio from Beckenham - the same London suburb that spawned David Bowie, fact fans - they first hooked up at college, dreaming of something better.

Johnny and Danny went to university, but life took Scotty down a different route, as he amassed a small fortune ducking and diving, selling anything he thought could turn a profit.

Music, though, remained on the fringes, a lingering presence in their lives. The Manor began as a friendship, but has ended up as a serious proposition, with the trio now signed to major label Parlophone.

Placing their experiences to the fore, the group's honest, down to earth songwriting recalls The Streets with a 2k16 edge, fusing the boredom and the ecstasy of austerity Britain.

New EP 'Weak Days, Strong Nights' is out now, with The Manor able to share the full, official video for highlight 'The Reducer'. Very much inspired by the sights and sounds of London as it rolls and tumbles around them, it now comes backed with some cheekily debauched visuals.

Tune in now.

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