'I'm Not Who You Think You Are'
Millionaire (Credit: Charlie De Keersmaecker)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say.

Millionaire last released an album 12 years ago, with the Tim Vanhamel enjoying a lengthy hibernation.

Yet now they're back. New album 'Sciencing' drops on May 19th, with Millionaire able to lead the way with an extravagant new single.

Crunching pop melodies with a slight hip-hop edge, 'I'm Not Who You Think You Are' was recorded in just one take and its fresh energy shines through.

Tim Vanhamel boasts: "Nasty, groovy and edgy: this song contains all the familiar elements of Millionaire. We're back".

Clash is able to share the extrovert new video, a dream-like journey into a mystical world - tune in now.

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