'I'll Cry'
Juanita Stein (Credit: Rob Loud)

It's the voice that grabs you.

Juanita Stein has always allowed her emotions to ring out through her vocals, with her work as part of Howling Bells reaching an ecstatic audience.

Turning solo, new album 'America' drops on July 28th following sessions alongside Gus Seyffert in Los Angeles.

New cut 'I'll Cry' airs first on Clash, and it's a wonderfully lucid piece of songwriting, emotion lingering on each note.

Juanita explains: "'I’ll Cry' is a musical ode to the all American greats I took my cues from as a budding songwriter. Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline and the work of Phil Spector, all of whom made a significant imprint on my heart, I’m forever channeling that soulful sadness. 'I’ll Cry' is a song that speaks of an impossible love, his resistance, her infatuation. Never a happy ending."

A wonderful return, you can check it out below.

Catch Juanita Stein at the following shows:

1 Brighton The Prince Albert
2 London Thousand Island

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