Robin Appleton is the co-founder of Cranium Pie, a group whose whimsical adventures have recovered the wyrd roots of psych and prog.

Launching new project Ai – Audio Intelligence – as a cinematic/soundtrack venture, he quickly began gathering like minds.

Now a looseknit collective comprising several additional members, Ai will release the fascinating 17 track album ‘Paradigmension’ on June 23rd (pre-order LINK).

Robin explains: “I've always loved the sound of synths recorded onto tape -early Kraftwerk LPs, Radiophonic Workshop, 50s sci-fi b-movie fx. Somehow tape can inject a kind of imperfect human element into otherwise 'perfect' electronic sound/music. For me this is the ingredient I try to inject into my music to bridge the gap between man and machines.”

Clash has nabbed new cut ‘Bakterial’, and it seems to emerge from an eerie netherworld, viscous music that oozes out from para-dimensions. The percussion scatters and falls, while that repeated descending melodic phrase peters out into dreams. 

Both weird and engrossing, ‘Bakterial’ arrives draped in more questions than answers.

Tune in now.

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