Charlotte Carpenter

Charlotte Carpenter is nothing if not diverse.

New single 'Fire' is a case in point - swapping outsider folk for something a little more direct, it even uses a Peter Frampton-style talkbox.

On the flip, though, the songwriting heads towards a rather more sparse direction. Slow, lilting, and absorbing, 'Lately' consists of little more than a few notes on the guitar and Charlotte's ever-powerful voice.

Evocative fare, it's partially true, and partially fiction, but comes from a very real place. Charlotte explains:

"'Lately' is a lullaby, of some kind, to a lover. This is a strange one for me, because I’ve never written a love song in a positive light and I can’t describe this any other way than being a love song. I wrote this on my acoustic guitar; something I hadn’t played in a really long time and I reconnected with it in some way. I knew this was something I wanted to keep simple, so a live recording felt like the most honest way to record this song. I like the way it sounds stark, because for the first time ever, love feels simple."

Tune in now.

Catch Charlotte Carpenter at the following shows:

24 Cardiff The Moon Club

2 Leicester The Cookie
7 Birmingham The Victoria w/ The Greasy Slicks
8 London Birthdays w/ The Greasy Slicks

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