'Don't Need Permission'
Meg Mac

A good song should speak for itself.

Sure, production is important - vital, even - but when these adornments are removed the song must be able to work independently.

Meg Mac knows this, which is perhaps why her songwriting is so strong, so honest.

Debut album 'Low Blows' is out now, following sessions at a studio in Fort Worth, Texas.

Deep, soulful, and pure, the record contains numerous high points, a dynamic and wide-ranging demonstration of creativity.

Standout cut 'Don't Need Permission' is the voice of empowerment, and it has rarely been expressed so beautifully as in this new live session.

Meg Mac tells Clash: "'Don't Need Permission' is about being yourself and not changing who you are for anyone. It was recorded and produced in Malibu, LA with Christopher Braide. I played piano and used lots of different layered harmonies and melodies to build the song."

A wonderful performance, you can check it out below.

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