The OBGMs (Credit: Vanessa Heins)

The OBGMs began life as a rap project.

Immersed in Toronto's hip-hop scene, the group began to broaden their horizons, checking out other aspects of the city's creative underground.

Falling through a rabbithole and emerging in the punk scene, the band took hold of these new ideas and never once looked back.

The OBGMs are set to touch down in London this July, playing Afropunk festival as it takes over the city's Printworks venue.

A self-titled full length drops on September 8th, with Clash able to premiere precise, concise, and wholly addictive new cut 'Pill'.

Immaculately pieced together, the track is all blazing riffs, caveman drums, and Densil McFarlane's preening, teasing delivery.

Watch the video now.

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