'On A Bamboo Sleeping Mat'
Big Spring

Big Spring aren't hanging around.

The band only have a few live shows under their belt, but have already prompted some to label them the best new band in the country.

With those seismic riffs and tearaway attitudes, though, it's easy to see why so many have fallen under their spell. Big Spring have a brattish charm, a fuzzed up immediacy that is bonded to moments of real depth.

New cut 'On A Bamboo Sleeping Mat' is incoming, and it's a wildly imaginative piece of indie punk bedlam. “It’s a song that deals with the idea of separation,” writes bassist Alex Loring, “through the story of an astronaut who, in a state of confusion bordering on psychosis, starts to vividly hallucinate and lose his inhibitions.”

Tune in below.

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