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Those who use the extended Christmas holidays as an opportunity to escape the cold weather and travel to the furthest - and sunnier - reaches of the planet will know what it’s like to celebrate Jesus’ birthday in unseasonably high temperatures. But for those stuck at home, attempting to thaw frostbitten toes in the tepid glow of the TV amid repeated viewings of The Two Ronnies, we have little concept of what a warm winter is.

Until now.

‘Shadows’ is the debut single from Los Angeles outfit Topanga, and it’s every bit as sun-drenched as the district that bore the group’s name. Shimmering synths and a warm, pounding heartbeat propel a dreamy song that radiates positivity, and will melt even the coldest of December days.

Topanga is the brainchild of founding members Derek Brambles and Eric Johnson, formerly of retro rockers The King’s English, but now adventuring down a psych-pop-littered path as paved by the likes of Miike Snow and Tame Impala before them.

Their first EP, ‘Midnight Jungle’, is set to drop on February 3rd. Produced by Mike Malchicoff (co-engineer on Kanye’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’), the six tracks promise to “meditate on fantasies of the past, and navigate the strange realities of the present”.

In the meantime, get your first taste of spring right here.

Buy ‘Shadows’ on iTunes now.

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