'Grin' incoming via FatCat...

"A noisy, joyous racket," said one of Clash's peers/rival sites of Chichester-formed newcomers TRAAMS recently - and, to be fair, we'll go with that too. The trio is both noisy and joyous, the sort of band that makes you want to stand up tall, high-five a stranger, and then slam-dance them into the bar... to get the next round in, of course.

Now, the band - which has been an active concern of members Stu Hopkins (vocals, guitar), Adam Stock (drums) and Leigh Padley (bass) since 2011 - has announced that it will release a debut LP, titled 'Grin', via the always-reliable FatCat label in September. On the 16th, to be exact.

Running to 11 tracks, produced by Rory Attwell (behind records by The Vaccines, Let's Wrestle, Male Bonding, Mazes) and Hookworms' MJ, 'Grin' is sure to shake the listener out of this summer-induced lethargy. C'mon, kids, get with the buzzy rush already, and so on.

Says Hopkins of the "skewed pop" purveyed by TRAAMS: "We like seeing people dance and having fun but we also want to be noisy and aggressive. It’s fun trying to strike a balance and seeing how far we can push it."

And if you wanna see how far the three-piece do push it, you can: they play a fair bit between now and whenever then actually is, to you and yours:

20th: The Great Gatsby, Sheffield (Tramlines)

13th: The Forum, Tunbridge Wells w/ F*cked Up and Joeyfat
16th: Beacons Festival, Leeds
18th: The Blind Tiger, Brighton

14th: Southsea Festival, Portsmouth
19th: Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

If you fancy it, you can stream the track 'Flowers', from 'Grin', below. Entirely up to you. 

And you'll find more on the band elsewhere on this internet.

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