Aaron Dessner offers a brief update...
The National

The National are working on material for their new album, Aaron Dessner has revealed.

The band have been taking a break of late, with Aaron and Bryce Dessner piecing together material for the all-star charity project Day Of The Dead.

Aaron took time out to speak with Pitchfork's Laura Snapes, and revealed that he had finished building his new studio, after his previous Brooklyn-based complex was sold.

The producer explained that he's "been really, really working hard on the National stuff now, so that's mainly, almost every day," adding that they will based themselves in upstate New York and "do the whole record there, because it'll just be fun and a good feeling."

Aaron Dessner has been in-demand as a producer for other bands of late - the new Frightened Rabbit record, for example - but seemed enthusiastic about returning to The National's fold.

He explained: "I put out a lot of records recently and I feel like I need to focus on my own music, it'll be a different thing, a really different part of your brain, and I'm excited to get back."

Check out the full update HERE.

'Day Of The Dead' will be released on May 20th.

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