Elegant folk-pop with a hint of melancholy...
Sara Hartman

Sara Hartman is still young, but already she's established a quite wonderful voice.

A songwriter of real assured ability, debut EP 'Satellite' was an extraordinary success, racking up more than 45 million plays on Spotify.

New cut 'Dance With A Ghost' is another step forward. Enchanting folk-pop with a melancholic sting in the tale, it's about being dragged back into your past, and learning to overcome it in the process.

She tells Clash: “A woman from my hometown once told me that 'this world is going to hurt you enough, there is no reason to torture yourself over things that have already happened...’ After a year and a half of flying around the world playing shows I now know that she was right in a way. 'Dance With A Ghost' for me is about growing into independence, that hopeless romantic love song lyric about how there is love in letting go.”

We're able to premiere the video, and it's a soaring, uplifting ode from the fresh talent.

Tune in now.

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