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Whether you’d call yourself a patriot or not, the Olympic Games tend to stir up a unique feeling in all of us. They’re a time when sportsmen and women suddenly become our rockstars; when we start seeing blue, white and red (or respective flag colours), when we start involuntarily humming our national anthem around the house.

That aforementioned ditty that we occasionally belt out with hand on heart is the theme of Samsung's latest video ad, ‘The Anthem’, which sees corners of the world coming together to create one - brand new - global anthem.

The visual opens with an Australian girl overlooking Sydney’s skyline, singing a line of Botswana’s anthem, filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S7edge, to then hit up various corners of the globe, snatching snippets of their anthem’s lyrics and getting a snapshot of their vibrant cultures. From “Happy and glorious” to “Oh say can you see”, this new anthem smashes global borders by reminding us that, ultimately, we’re all connected.

It’s an admirable goal, with the tech giant saying that it wants to: “help to break down geographic barriers and unite the world through deep, borderless connections.”

With cameos from a number of superstar athletes, including UK diver Tom Daley, North America’s Alysia Montano and French Paralympic medalist Arnaud Assoumani, it promotes a message that we can all get behind for Rio 2016 — anti division, pro unity. Now excuse us while we go and learn the whole of the Botswanan national anthem…

Check the clip out below:

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