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Rat Boy has detailed plans for debut album 'SCUM'.

The rebel-rouser has enjoyed a hectic 18 months, including single releases, sold out tours, and the small matter of being sampled by Kendrick Lamar.

Finally, Rat Boy is ready to release his debut album. Titled 'SCUM' it drops on August 11th and features some heavyweight guests.

Graham Coxon pops up on 'Laidback', while his Blur band-mate Damon Albarn contributes to 'Turn Around M8' and 'Get Over It'.

Here's a preview...

'SCUM' will be released on August 11th. Tracklisting:

1. ‘Welcome To My World’
2. ‘Turn Round M8’
3. ‘Revolution’
4. ‘Stevie’s First Wife’ (interlude)
5. ‘Laidback’
6. ‘I’ll Be Waiting’
7. ‘Big Fucka Burgers’ (interlude)
8. ‘Move’
9. ‘Boiling Point’
10. ‘Fake ID’
11. ‘Breaking Newz’ (interlude)
12. ‘Get Over It’
13. ‘Knock Knock Knock’
14. ‘Sportswear’
15. ‘TrumpTowers’ (interlude)
16. ‘Left 4 Dead’
17. ‘Sign On’
18. ‘Shadows’ (interlude)
19. ‘Everyday’
20. ‘Sirenz’ (interlude)
21. ‘Scum’
22. ‘Post-Scum’ (interlude)
23. ‘Sad Sad’ (featuring Mallory Merk)
24. ‘End Of The Road’ (interlude)
25. ‘Kicked Outta School’

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