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Scrappy, lo-fi indie rock isn't exactly difficult to come by right now.

Yet even within this current wave of pretenders TRAAMS still stand out. Perhaps it's their non-metropolitan roots (the band hail from Chichester) or even their basic determination to not follow a path crafted by others.

Either way, debut album 'Grin' was an essential delight. All post-punk sparsity, hardcore's brattish wit and the couldn't-care-less swagger of early Sub Pop, it was overseen by production duo Rory Atwell and Hookworms' MJ.

Spending time on the road, TRAAMS went back into the studio earlier this year to lay down some new material. A quick fire return, new EP 'Cessa' finds the band achieving renewed focus.

Once more overseen by the Atwell, MJ axis, 'Cissa' opens with the scratchy blare of 'Gidda' before making way for the frenetic punk of 'Marbles'.

Closing with the title cut, 'Cissa' finds TRAAMS honing their sound, presenting something with real force behind it. Out today (July 14th) via Fat Cat Records, you can listen to the new EP in full below.

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