A fluoro-soaked work out to end the week...

London's Stööki Sound have always been a deeply individual force.

A production and DJ unit, the duo draw from a deep musical well, one that encompasses bass culture, hip-hop, and left field electronics.

New cut 'Echoes' is a vivid return, with those clipped, soulful vocals providing a neat hook for crunching, low end production.

Plastician steps in on remix duties, amplifying the energy while adding a few daring elements of his own.

Expanding on the atmosphere of the original, 'Echoes' is turned into a salute to London's ever-vital club culture.

Plastician explains: "Being from the UK, when Stooki hit me up to remix Echoes for Dim Mak I knew I wanted to try and turn out a mix that reflected some of my own musical mark up, get a bit more of that UK vibe in. I drew influence from UK Garage with the bassline and wanted to try and spin it into some kind of club mutation but keep it away from being more of a main room peak time mix and focus more on the overall vibe of the track complimenting the vocal as much as possible but really turning it upside down in comparison to the style of the original."

"It was a lot of fun and I've been enjoying spinning it at gigs recently!"

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Mark Surridge

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