Yep, they've covered The Kinks...
'Good Grief'

The Kinks are one of the foundation stones in British pop music.

Drawing on the beauty of the everyday, the band's finest output re-casts the provincial as the poetic.

Little wonder, then, that Lucius are such fans. The band recently re-visited their debut album, and decided to throw in a few extras.

Andy from the band suggested covering The Kinks, with 'Strangers' being a particular favourite. It's a lovely version, remaining true to the spirit of the original while sounding wholly Lucius.

Andy explains: "I discovered the song on a camping trip with a crew of about 30 friends. We rented four little cabins by a lake and spent the weekend laughing and enjoying the change of pace from NYC. One night, we were around the fire and at some point my friend who had a guitar began playing and singing 'Strangers'. Everyone was so quiet as he played and I remember thinking to myself, "this is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard!" It was a magical moment in my life. That feeling of revitalization; a reassurance that music and expression through art is essential for the soul to progress."


"And, so, a few months later I began playing more frequently with Lucius and it dawned on me that this song would be a perfect fit. The girls were beginning to really focus on the duality of their visual as well as continuing to employ the unison vocal approach, so it just made sense. The song explains things on multiple levels: the relationship between Jess and Holly, the relationship between the girls and the guys and the relationship between Lucius and the audience. "Strangers on this road we are on. We are not two. We are one".

Check it out now.

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