Manchester collective preview their new mixtape...

Levelz are not what you might call a quiet bunch.

Their first trip to the capital involved a stretch hummer and an impromptu 5am busking session on "one of them big London bridges", and when their booking agency, Elastic Artists, went bust without paying up the crew's hard-earned cash they hijacked the Elastic social media handles and 'kidnapped' its creative director.

Similarly, there's no doubting their party credentials, whether that involve putting on their own sell out shows in their adopted home of Manchester's lovingly dilapidated Antwerp Mansion or tearing up venues around the UK (or further afield, for anyone who caught the riotous affair that was the Levelz stage at last year's Outlook Festival).

Thankfully for anyone not lucky enough to have seen the rambunctious collective live yet, they've taken the time to note down some tips on how to best enjoy it should the opportunity arise.

Disco-tinged G funk with old school call-and-response verses, vocoder interludes and some of the smartest wordplay this side of Shakespeare's 400th anniversary, 'How 2 Party' sees Levelz flexing their playful - or, as Chimpo puts it, "ch-ch-cheeky" - side as much as it does the bags of musical talent they have spread throughout the team.

The track will be available for free download at 11:11 on Monday 11th of January as part of the LVL 11 mixtape, chip barm cover art and all.

Words: Will Pritchard (@Hedmuk)

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