From new album 'Trading Change'

Jeremy Loops isn't like other songwriters.

Unafraid to tackle difficult subjects, he also allows beams of light, moments of levity to enter his work.

Debut album 'Trading Change' will be released on February 26th, and it's a dexterous, complex work, packed with subtle depths and sudden shifts.

Clash is able to air new cut 'Trip Fox' and it's a wonderful introduction to his work. Oddly inspiring, the track is an ode to overcoming fear, and how this achievement can inspire those around you.

Jeremy Loops explains:

"It may not be instantly obvious, but 'Trip Fox' is really a song about fearlessness, and how the joy and energy that emanates from that is contagious for those around you. It was the last song I wrote when I was recording 'Trading Change', and I was in such a good space with the music and in my life in general, it came naturally to me. People often describe it as a joyful song, which is cool, because that's how I felt when we made it. In the song I say "Tigers creep faster when they're hungry" because it’s true! Fearlessness breeds a hunger and a desire we often don't realise we inherently have in us, and in those moments you acknowledge it, it's quite something."

Check it out now.

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