Taken from new full length project 'Vista'...
August Rosenbaum

August Rosenbaum has shared his wonderfully intriguing new song 'Credo'.

The Danish musician is one of the key components of his country's music scene, yet he's often a figure shrouded in the background.

As an arranger, guest musician, and producer, August has worked with everyone from Rhye to MØ, developing his own voice in the process.

Upcoming full length 'Vista' is a score in search of a film, a cinematic gesture that contains a rich sense of narrative.

Out on November 24th via TAMBOURHINOCEROS, Clash is able to preview the release with new song 'Credo'.

Retro-futurism with an incredibly visual sensibility, he tells us: “To me that is the core of the song; the tension in the the play between dirty and pretty, sacred and perverse. I imagine scenes from old Polanski movies or French actress Catherine Deneuve in Luis Buñuel’s Belle De Jour...”

Tune in now.

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