Bristol producer returns...

The wandering adventures of Appleblim have resulted in some of truly fascinating music.

The Bristol electronic producer first gained prominence during dubstep's creative arc, helping to steer the vital Skull Disco label before embarking on his own Apple Pips venture.

An artist of real depth and breadth, Appleblim's explorations have steered a course through techno's left-field while his work with Komon overlaps with the house sphere.

New EP '101' will be released this week on Tempa, and it's a typically engrossing return from a talent who simple cannot be second guessed.

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Avebury', and it's redolent of Appleblim's idiosyncratic whims. Building, building, building, the quiet intensity of the track then collapses into a bass cavern before delivering a deep, measured finale.

Check it out now.

'101' EP is due to be released on August 14th.

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