Check out these two cool-as-hell performances...

Paigey Cakey is part of a new wave of energy in British music, an artist who grew up around rap, hip-hop, grime, and dancehall, and knows how to mix those genres into an individual style.

Standout cut 'Hot Tings' went viral on its release, clocking up more than 250,000 streams and knocking everyone who heard it sideways.

Rapidly becoming the name to drop, Paigey Cakey hopped over to West London for an intimate session in Metropolis Studios.

ellesse Make It Music is a red-hot repository for new music, inviting rising artists to perform in one of London's most historic recording complexes.

With a simple set up, Paigey Cakey allows has innate persona to come to the fore, matching the blazing energy to bars that linger.

These two live performances are essential - tune in below.

For tickets to the latest Paigey Cakey shows click HERE.

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