New album 'Elytral' is due out on September 1st...
Mary Epworth

Mary Epworth has shared her new sci-fi drenched song 'Surprise Yourself'.

The songwriter seems to be embracing transformation on new album 'Elytral', due out on September 1st via Sunday Best.

Much more electronic in tone than previous releases, the latest preview from the album is new cut 'Surprise Yourself'.

Left field synth pop that dares to be different, it picks up on wider themes within the new record. Mary Epworth explains:

"The song pushes the themes of change and transformation further, where I picture myself floating up into space through a sunset, or jumping from the cosmos down towards earth, a point of no return."

"It's also a metaphor for the ultimate leap of faith into what happens after life. Not focusing on what actually lies beyond, what a person will actually experience at the end of the life-trip, but what it feels like to be at the precipice of a change and just saying 'OK, here we go!'"

Tune in now.

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