The first release from The Ambient Zone...
Marconi Union

Marconi Union have always been intrigued by the functional quality of music.

Coming of age in Manchester during the white heat of rave, these electronic musicians chose to take their releases in a different direction.

Taking part in numerous installations and cinematic projects, Marconi Union allow their music to evolve slowly, patiently.

The perfect candidates, then, for The Ambient Zone. A new curatorial hub, it introduces itself thus:

"Where music fills the space between time and place. The Ambient Zone is the definitive home of ambient music. We like to think of it as the space between time and place where all serious music lovers can enjoy the very best of this amazing genre, as well as the label haven for ambient artists and the trusted curator for the growing community of ambient fans."

New track 'Slow Motion' is an accidental mission statement, with Marconi Union's electronics oozing out to find a space of their own.

Tune in now.

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