Italian project with their sights on London...
M w S

M w S have their roots in Italy, with the pair coming together in their homeland.

Feeling that they had reached the limit of what they could achieve with their future-soul sound, the pair packed their bags and flew out to the UK.

Now based in London, M w S match European style to the grit of the capital, with each song being underlined by the insecurity of Brexit.

New song 'Waves' takes the duo back home, a track sparked by those endlessly beautiful Italian evenings.

M w S: "At the end of last summer we were sitting on a beach in Italy, watching the sunset, sand on our feet, and we thought: 'we really have to turn these days into a song'".

Softly soulful, the clipped guitar lines work against those stylish vocals, the snapped lyrics chiming with that dappled Italian twilight.

Tune in now.

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