It's an ambitious return from the Swedish songwriter...
Loney Dear (Credit: Daniel Grizelj)

Loney Dear is a name that has been absent from these pages for too damn long.

The Swedish songwriter has taken five years to build his new album, utilising a variety of different studios.

Always, though, he was driven by one singular aim: to match his own ambitions.

“These years are my teens, basically. I think from 10-28 I was a similar person but now I’ve had my development,” he says. “Being late with discovering your life means that you're constantly a bit behind. There is nothing good about growing up late. If I had kids of my own I would tell them to cause as much shit and trouble as possible. Playing safe for 30 years may not help you.”

New album 'Loney Dear' arrives on September 29th, with the songwriter previewing an artistic rebirth.

Tune in now.

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