A beautiful cover of the Bert Jansch original...
Edwyn Collins

Edwyn Collins and Carwyn Ellis have combined to cover the Bert Jansch song 'Fulmar'.

The original can be found on the wonderful 1979 record 'Avocet', recently given a beautiful re-issue by Earth Recordings.

Alongside this, the label have curated a new EP featuring a series of musicians covering four songs from the record.

Given that each track on 'Avocet' is linked to a bird, it's perhaps no surprise that nature lover Edwyn Collins is involved, voicing the wonderful 'Fulmar'.

The gentle, half-spoken delivery perfectly suits Carwyn Ellis' finger-picked guitar, a wonderfully natural pairing that expertly matches the original's avian nature.

Tune in now.

'Avocet Revisited' will be released on August 11th - order LINK.

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