He wears denim wherever he goes, perhaps...

Benjamin Gibbard has shared his cover of Teenage Fanclub's classic 'The Concept'.

The American artist recorded a full version of Teenage Fanclub's 'Bandwagonesque' earlier this year, set to be given a general release through Canvasback Music / Turntable Kitchen.

Turntable Kitchen will provide a limited vinyl release, which will come with a bonus seven inch version of 'The Concept'.

A tender, admirably straight cover version, the seven inch version of 'The Concept' will also feature recordings of Alex Chilton's 'Free Again and Beat Happenings' 'Bad Seeds', both of which were covered by Teenage Fanclub themselves.

Benjamin explains: "'Bandwagonesque' is my favourite record by my favourite band of all time. It came along at a pivotal time in my musical life and I've loved it for over 25 years. It's been such a blast taking these songs apart to see how they work and then putting them back together again".

Check out 'The Concept' below.

Benjamin Gibbard's version of 'Bandwagonesque' will be released on July 28th.

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