Darkly enticing pop produced by Dan Carey...

Rising artist Azusena has shared new track 'Red Sky' - tune in now.

The newcomer has developed a partnership with Dan Carey, who produces her new track.

'Red Sky' is highly atmospheric, the laid back rhythm affording plenty of space in the languid arrangement.

The brooding vocal is set against that taut guitar line, recalling everyone from Lana Del Rey to Portishead.

Azusena reveals that the song is about “a selfish lover in a relationship who is naturally emotionally manipulative to the other person without realizing it because of their need for control in the relationship. But the control is completely self-fulfilling and direction-less because it has nothing to do with love, it’s about wanting the other person half heartedly and both people know that there is this loyalty to one another that they feel hesitant about moving on from, so it holds a lot of guilt”.

Tune in now.

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